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I received a notice in the mail with an old ticket and/or suspension. Why am I just now getting this?

If you received a notice from the Department regarding a ticket from Palm Beach, Lake, or Duval County that may have been issued several years ago, the Department is aware that there was a delay between the time of the offense and the receipt of your notice.

How Can I Remove the Vision Restriction from My License?

I just had surgery to improve my eyesight and I no longer need glasses, how can I remove the restriction from my driver license?


Go to your local driver license office or tax collector’s office that offers driver license services and take the vision test. If you can pass the test without wearing glasses or contact lens you can receive a new license without the restriction. There will be a $25.00 driver license replacement fee, if you go to a tax collector’s office there is an additional service fee of $6.25.

Using Cell Phones

What is the law on texting and driving in Florida?


The “Florida Ban on Texting While Driving Law” authorizes law enforcement officers to stop motor vehicles and issue citations as a secondary offense, drivers must be stopped for a separate alleged traffic violation before being ticketed for texting while driving.


What is the fine for texting and driving? 


Temporary printed on Driver License

Why does my license have temporary printed on it?

All driver licenses and identification cards issued to individuals with non-immigrant status will have the word "TEMPORARY" displayed on the bottom right of the card, as required by Florida statutes 322.01.

Non-Immigrant customers are required to present proof of legal presence for every driver license or identification card issuance. Non-Immigrants must have at least 31 days remaining on their USCIS document to be issued and original renewal ID or driver license.

Supported Web Browsers

Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website requires TLS encryption enabled in your browser and may not be compatible with older web browsers like Internet Explorer 6.0 or older.



Offensive License Plate

Where do I report an offensive license plate?

If a license plate is found to be obscene or objectionable, a written complaint can be sent to the following address and a review will be initiated.

Division of Motorist Services
License Plate/Registration Review, MS-68
2900 Apalachee Parkway
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0500


School Elections

The number of school elections is wrong on my Florida driving record.  How do I fix it?

Purchase your driving history—review the various courts that reported school election to us.


Contact the court that made the error—they must notify us directly to change the record.

Wheelchair Symbol License Plate

How can I obtain a Wheelchair Symbol License Plate?

To obtain a Wheelchair Symbol License Plate:

Submit the following to the county tax collector's office or license plate agency:

A. Form HSMV 83007, Application for International Wheelchair License Plate, accurately completed


Form HSMV 83039, Application for Disabled Parking Permit, accurately completed.

Antique License Plates

I have a vehicle that was manufactured in 1950, how can I get an antique license plate?


If your automobile, truck, or motorcycle was manufactured after 1945 and of the age 30 years or more after the date of manufacture you can apply for an Antique license plate at your local tax collector’s office.

Can a title be issued in the name if a minor?

Can a title be issued in the name if a minor?

Yes. There is no statutory age limit of ownership of a motor vehicle, mobile home, or vessel.

The following is a list of those authorized to sign the application for certificate of title for the minor (under 18 years of age).

  • The minor.
  • The minor’s natural guardian.
  • The minor’s appointed guardian. The letters of guardianship must be submitted with the application.

Having trouble self-certifying/downloading medical card online

If you have visited our online service at and are having difficulty downloading your information, check to make sure you are entering the information correctly.  Unless you have been granted a federal waiver, then choose No when asked about the waiver.  Our system cannot download a PDF version of your medical card.  Take a digital photo of your medical card with a camera or your phone – then download.

CDL Disqualification for Failing to Self-Certify

If you have a pending disqualification for failing to self-certify, to retain your CDL you must self-certify online or at any FL driver license office/ county tax collector’s office that offers licensing services. If you no longer need the CDL, you must downgrade to a Class E license at any office. There is no charge to downgrade unless you need to make a name or address change, need to renew, or visit a County Tax Collector office – they do charge a $6.25 service fee.

How to Title and Register Your Vehicle

To issue a Florida Certificate of Title for a motor vehicle, submit to the Florida tax collector's office: Proof of Ownership: The proof of ownership on a USED motor vehicle or mobile home from out of state is the certificate of title from that state. If there is a lien on the vehicle, you must make arrangements with your finance company to change the out-of-state title to a Florida title. If the finance company does not agree to release the title, you will need a copy of the title and a letter on their letterhead stating the title will not be released.