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Change my name on my Title

I changed my name on my driver's license, but how can I change my name on my title?

Name changes do not require a title to be reissued. When you change your name on your Florida driver license or identification card, your new name will be reflected on your motor vehicle record. When a request for paper title is made, the new name will be printed on the title.

Cancel or Surrender Florida license

How do I cancel my Florida driver license?

If you still have the physical license, cut it in half and enclose it with a letter to our department indicating you want to surrender your Florida driver license and include your current address. If you don't have the license in your possession, the letter should include your driver license number or social security number, date of birth, full name and indicate you no longer have possession of the license, but want us to cancel it.   Sign the letter and mail to:

Can I change to a Specialty License Plate online?

I have a regular Florida license plate, but I want to switch to a specialty license plate (i.e. - my university or favorite professional sports team). Can I do this online?

Changing to a different type of license plate must be processed at your local tax collector's office.

You can find some helpful information on our website about specialty license plates.

Address Error

If I made a mistake when entering my address on, can you fix it?

I'm sorry, is an entirely automated system. We produce the license exactly as you enter it. We display the addresses twice before you can enter your credit card payment.

Address Change on License or ID card

How can I change the address on my driver license or identification card?

Florida law requires you to keep your driver license address current within 30 days after moving.

Listed below are the various methods to purchase a replacement license or identification card. Please choose the method below that is most convenient for you.

Letter of Clearance

How do I get a letter of clearance from Florida?

Letter of clearances are provided to other states to verify you are eligible to obtain a license. Some states will not accept a letter of clearance, they require a driver record.

If you need a clearance letter, please call us at 850-617-2000. We must speak to the person who needs the clearance letter - no one can call for you. Please do not submit clearance letter requests by email-we must speak with you.

Learner’s License Age

How old do I have to be to get my Learner's License?

To apply for a Learner's License you must be at least 15 years old. Everyone under 18 years old must hold a Learner's license for at least one year or until their 18th birthday - there are no exceptions to this law.

Insurance Requirements for Out of State Military

Are military members who are stationed out of state and non-military spouses/dependents who reside with them exempt from providing proof of Florida insurance to renew a vehicle registered in Florida?

Yes.  Active duty military members and their spouse/dependents, who are Florida residents stationed out of state and the owner or co-owner of a vehicle, are exempt from having Florida insurance if the vehicle is located out of state. When it's time to renew the registration you will be required to provide: