CDL Disqualification for Failing to Self-Certify

If you have a pending disqualification for failing to self-certify, to retain your CDL you must self-certify online or at any FL driver license office/ county tax collector’s office that offers licensing services. If you no longer need the CDL, you must downgrade to a Class E license at any office. There is no charge to downgrade unless you need to make a name or address change, need to renew, or visit a County Tax Collector office – they do charge a $6.25 service fee. To downgrade you must bring all required identification documents. For a list of documents, please visit

Disqualifications for Failed to File Medical Cert/Disability Info remain on the driving record indefinitely until one of the following reinstatement requirements have been met.

  • Present updated Medical Examiner’s Certification, Medical Waiver and/or Skill Performance Waiver (one or all could apply).
  • Self-certify in category (B) Excepted Interstate or (D) Excepted Intrastate. (Medical Certification not required)
  • Pay the Disqualification Reinstatement Fee if cleared after the effective date of the disqualification.
  • OR Downgrade to Class E license. **

** Customers who downgrade to a Class E license rather than comply with the disqualification requirements must comply with the disqualification requirements before they can obtain another commercial driver license.

If you do NOT self-certify or downgrade BEFORE the disqualification goes into effect, then you must pay $75 to reinstate your CDL and self-certify with your medical card. This also must be done in person at a Florida driver license office. County tax collector offices offering licensing services charge a $6.25 service fee.

If you self-certify online and download your medical card, please allow up to 7 days for the pending disqualification to close - don’t wait until the last minute. If you go in person, it’s an immediate update.

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