Duplicate/Replacement Title

How can I obtain a duplicate/replacement title?

You may request a duplicate title as long as you do not have an electronic title. In order to have a duplicate title issued, please provide the following:

A. Form HSMV 82101, Application for Duplicate or Lost in transit/Reassignment for a Motor Vehicle, Mobile Home or Vessel Title Certificate accurately completed by the applicant. When there is an outstanding lien on record, only the lienholder may apply for a duplicate certificate of title.

B. When an individual, business or lienholder makes application for a duplicate or lost in transit title and the address on the form HSMV 82101 is different from the address on DMV records, you must:

1. Check appropriate block on Form HSMV 82101, Section #2.When a lienholder is filing the application all required lienholder information must be completed.

2. Present ONE of the following as proof of address change:

    - The motor vehicle owner's photo ID (Driver License, Florida ID, Military  ID,   business credential, etc.)

    - Paid receipt for telephone or utilities

    - Paid contract or connect order for utilities

    - Proof of homestead exemption

    - Rental or lease contract agreement

    - Current year vehicle registration certificate

    - Homeowner's or renter's insurance policy

    - Other documentary evidence showing the change of address

C. Pay the applicable title fees.  Checks should be made payable to your county tax collector.

You may either go in person or mail these documents to a Florida tax collector's office. If you are mailing in the required documents to obtain a Duplicate Certificate of Title, you must include a copy of your driver's license or identification card. We have to make sure we are processing a title for the correct person.

If you are out of state, you can mail to any tax collector office in Florida to have a duplicate title processed.

Normal processing time is 4 weeks.  Expedited service is available at some tax collector offices for an additional fee.  You will need to contact your local county tax collector's office to see if they offer a fast title service.  Fast Titles are usually processed in 7 days.

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