How to Title and Register Your Vehicle

To issue a Florida Certificate of Title for a motor vehicle, submit to the Florida tax collector's office: Proof of Ownership: The proof of ownership on a USED motor vehicle or mobile home from out of state is the certificate of title from that state. If there is a lien on the vehicle, you must make arrangements with your finance company to change the out-of-state title to a Florida title. If the finance company does not agree to release the title, you will need a copy of the title and a letter on their letterhead stating the title will not be released. Form HSMV 82040, Application for Certificate of Title with/without Registration. The out-of-state lien holder can be added to the Florida title. To do this, the lien information must be noted in the space provided on this form, giving the complete name, address and FEID Number and the date of the lien. Section 8 of form 82040, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and Odometer Verification, must be accurately completed with the motor vehicle identification number verified by one of the four officials shown on the form. Title fee is $85.25 or $87.25, if the out-of-state lien is being recorded on the Florida title.

A "Registration Only" registration may be issued only under the following circumstances:


  • A title is not allowed on a trailer less than 2,000 pounds or on mopeds. A copy of the MCO and/or a bill of sale, showing chain of ownership, is required for a moped or any trailer having a net weight of less than 2,000 pounds. The bill of sale must show at least the make and year. NOTE: When the vehicle is a used trailer (homemade or manufactured) having a net weight of less than 2,000 pounds, a bill of sale and the previous owner's license plate number is required. If the used trailer (homemade or manufactured) has never been registered in Florida, a certified weight slip is also required.


  • A Motor Vehicle title is being held by an out-of-state lienholder or lessor.  The following must be submitted for verification from an out-of-state lienholder: A letter on letterhead stationery from the lienholder, which indicates there is an outstanding lien on the described vehicle. The year, make and vehicle identification number (VIN) of the vehicle must also be included in the letter. A fax copy of the letter is acceptable. A copy of the out-of-state title that shows the out-of-state lien information, unless the out-of-state certificate of title is electronic. In this case, the letter on letterhead stationery from the lienholder must state that fact.


  • Temporarily employed in this state. A 90-day Temporarily Employed license plate must be issued. You need to provide a copy of your current or valid out-of-state registration. An affidavit from you or your employer stating that you are temporarily employed in Florida.


  • A nonresident military member is temporarily assigned to this state and requests a license plate, but does not apply for a Florida title. To register your vehicle you must provide a copy of the military orders assigning you to a Florida military duty station and a copy of your out of state driver license. A copy of the current or valid out-of-state registration.


  • NOTE: License plate fees are based on the weight of the vehicle; therefore, we cannot provide you with this fee. Please use the License Plate Rate Chart to figure the fees for the Florida license plate. The bottom of the License Plate Rate Chart should be used to make sure that the necessary documentation and fees are being submitted. The $225 initial registration fee will also be due if you do not have a Florida license plate to transfer. The required documentation and fees should be taken to a tag agency where the vehicle will be in Florida for processing.



 License plate rate chart is here:


This is done at your local tax collector’s office.

Find the phone and office address here

choose the county

then scroll down to the tax collector

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