ID card renewal online

Can I renew my Florida identification card online?

You can renew your Florida Identification card (ID) online if the following apply:

- Your current ID card is digital image (issued in an office 7-1-95 or later).
- You are not licensed to drive, you only have an ID card. 
- Your last renewal was in person at an office, not online.

You may renew online at GoRenew.  Please allow 7 to 10 days to receive the ID card in the mail if you purchase it on-line.

Florida law no longer allows the issuance of an ID card and a driver license to the same person. For those who currently are holding both, they will remain valid until you apply for a replacement or renewal of either.  Then you must choose which card to retain.

If you have a driver license, but it's expired, suspended, revoked, or cancelled, you must go in person to renew, replace or apply for an original ID card.  You cannot get the ID card online.

Florida no longer issues permanent ID cards.  If you currently hold a permanent ID card, it's still valid, and you do not have to do anything. If you need to change your address or the permanent ID card is lost, then you can go on-line and purchase a replacement ID card.   However, the new ID card will expire in eight years.    A permanent ID card will no longer be valid if you choose to renew or replace your Florida driver license.

You must apply for an original ID card in person at an office.  Click here for the fee.

Although you may currently be eligible to renew or obtain a replacement driver license or identification card by mail or online, please consider this important note:

We encourage those who have not obtained a Real ID compliant driver license or identification card plan a visit to a driver license office in the future to ensure your  license or identification card is accepted by federal authorities.  The Department of Homeland Security announced on December 20, 2013, that enforcement of REAL ID credentials will begin in a measured, fair and responsible way. Floridians will first see enforcement at nuclear power plants and restricted areas of certain federal facilities. No changes in enforcement are planned to occur any sooner than 2016 at airports across the country.

For additional information regarding the REAL ID Act or its enforcement please visit the Department of Homeland Security website at this link:

To become Real ID compliant, you must take documents to a driver license office when you renew or replace your identification card.  If you need to go to an office to obtain an  ID card, please be sure to visit GatherGoGet to make sure you bring all the required identification documents with you.  You can make an appointment at any office that is convenient for you.

*Effective 8/19/2015 a $2.00 convenience fee will be charged when using gorenew. The $2.00 convenience fee will be charged per order (or shopping cart) NOT per transaction. For example, if you are renewing a driver license and a registration, you will be charged one $2.00 convenience fee for the entire order. This fee is non-refundable.*


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