Insurance after a DUI Conviction

What type of insurance do I need after being convicted of driving under the influence (DUI)?

If convicted of driving under the influence, you will receive a notice of suspension regarding insurance requirements from our department.  If this notice is dated 11/1/14 or later you are required to purchase a FR44 policy with limits of Bodily Injury Liability/Property Damage Liability in the amounts of $100K/$300K/$50K. The insurance company can file form FR44 electronically with our agency as confirmation of the coverage.  If you don't comply prior to the financial responsibility (FR) suspension effective date on the notice, you will also be required to pay the reinstatement fee of $150, $250, or $500.

Notices mailed prior to 11/1/14 will indicate if you had $100K/300K/50K at the time of the DUI offense date, then we just need proof of that coverage and you are not required to carry the FR44.  However, this option is only for notice of suspensions dated prior to 11/1/14. After that date, you are required to carry the FR44, no matter if you had the $100K/300K/5K at the time of the DUI.

The FR44 policy is required for three years. If you cancel the FR44 insurance during the three year period, the insurance company will notify us and your driving privilege will be suspended for the cancellation. Then you will be required to get another FR44 and pay the applicable reinstatement fee to reinstate, provided the three-year period has not expired. 

If you do not own a vehicle, you must obtain a non–owner liability insurance policy, file the FR44 form, and pay the applicable reinstatement fee.

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