Organ Donor

How do I add or remove organ donor from my driver license?

You can designate or withdraw your wishes on-line at Donate Life Florida.  Both processes can be completed at your convenience on-line and save you an office visit.

It is not necessary for your designation to appear on your driver license or identification card. Medical personnel contact the organ donor registry to determine the designation. However, if you would like a replacement license or identification card which indicates you added or removed the organ designation, you can apply for a replacement at any driver license or tax collector licensing agent. There will be a replacement fee of $25.

There are certain identification documents you must bring with you to the office. Please visit GatherGoGet for more information on these documents. You can make an appointment for a date and time that's convenient for you. Appointments are recommended, but not required at most offices. Please note that tax collectors offering driver license services may charge an additional $6.25 service fee.

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