Point Suspension

How do I reinstate a point suspension?

Point suspensions are generated when you accumulate excessive points for traffic violations. The offense date is used to determine the length of the suspension.

- 12 points within 12 months = 30 days suspension
- 18 points within 18 months = 3 months suspension
- 24 points within 36 months = 1 year suspension

Clearance Requirements

Suspension Expired

- Proof of enrollment or completion of a 12 hour Florida Advanced Driver Improvement School (ADI).  If you have moved out of state, the Florida ADI course is still required.  We will not accept an out of state school completion.  The course can be taken on the Internet or in a Florida class room setting.  You must complete the school within 90 days from the date you reinstate.

- Pay Reinstatement Fee

Early Reinstatement (Hardship)

You must contact an Administrative Review Office to set up a hardship hearing.

The hearing office will require:

- Application for Hardship License (available at the BAR office)
- Florida ADI School Enrollment
- Hardship Hearing Filing Fee

Points by Ticket type

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