Suspended (D-6) for Unpaid Traffic Citation/Ticket

My FL license is suspended (D-6) because of an unpaid ticket.  How do I pay the ticket and clear the suspension?

When a ticket is not paid on time or all the court's requirements have not been satisfied, then the county court notifies our department to suspend the driving privilege until the ticket has been satisfied and you present a D-6 court clearance form or other court clearance form to our department. The D-6 suspension is a result of one of the following:

- Failing to pay traffic fine
- Failing to appear for a traffic summons
- Failing to complete court ordered school
- School elected when not eligible
- Failure to comply with traffic summons

To find out what's required to satisfy the ticket, you must contact the clerk of court in the county where you received the ticket.  If you have a Florida driver license and need to know which court to contact, you can check online to see the unpaid tickets that are currently affecting your driving privilege. If you received the ticket in another state and do not know which court to contact, please click here to find the phone number to other states' DMV's which can refer you to the appropriate court in that state.

The court will advise you what fines or other requirements are needed from them to satisfy the ticket and what payment options are available for the court. Once you have met the court's requirements, the court will either provide you with a court clearance form, or send the clearance to our department electronically. However, if your driving privilege is suspended because of the unpaid ticket, you are not clear until we get the court clearance and you pay the D-6 Suspension reinstatement fee.

If you are in Florida, you can take the clearance form to any driver license office and pay the D-6 Suspension reinstatement fee. Another option is to ask the Florida court if they will accept payment for the D-6 Suspension reinstatement fee and clear the suspension(s).  
If the court sends the clearance electronically to our department and that's the only suspension on your driver record, you can pay the D-6 Suspension reinstatement fee over the phone by calling 850-617-2000, enter your Florida driver license number and pay the D-6 Suspension reinstatement fee through our system without having to speak to anyone.  You can also mail our department the court clearance and D-6 Reinstatement Fee.  The clearance form must include the ticket number(s) and date you satisfied the ticket.  Include your FL driver license number, name, and date of birth along with a check or money order payable to the Division ofMotorist Services to the following address.  Please allow two to three weeks for clearance by mail.

Bureau of Motorist Compliance
Post Office Box 5775
Tallahassee, Florida 32314-5775

You can check the status of your driving privilege on our website.

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