Suspension Notice - FR Sanction # Beginning With 7

Driver license is suspended because the insurance on my car was cancelled. What are my options to clear the suspension?

If you have a valid Florida registration/license plate/tag, you must maintain continuous FLORIDA insurance coverage on the vehicle. Out of state insurance does not meet those requirements. If you move out of state, you need to register and insure your vehicle(s) in your new state of residence. Active duty Military members (including spouse and dependents) who are stationed outside of Florida and have their vehicles garaged in that state, are exempt from carrying Florida insurance.  They can insure the vehicles in that state and retain the Florida registration.

If you reside in Florida, and are suspended for an insurance sanction that begins with the number 7, you need to either:

  • Provide proof of insurance that was in effect prior to your suspension date. You can click here, then enter your FL driver license number and you will be given further options to provide insurance information that was in effect prior to the suspension and reinstate immediately.
  • If you did not have insurance prior to your suspension, you must surrender your valid FL license plate(s) and registration(s) or
  • Provide proof you have purchased FL insurance or no longer own the vehicle(s) at a driver license office
  • If  you were not in compliance prior to your suspension date, you will be required to a pay a reinstatement fee at the driver license office.

If you are active duty military, stationed out of state, insured prior to the suspension date, fax to 850-617-5216 the following items:

  • military orders showing your military status prior to suspension date and
  • statement the vehicle is with you and include the FR sanction # beginning with the #7 and
  • Letterhead verification from your insurance company the vehicle(s) were insured prior to the suspension date

If you are a civilian, no longer residing in Florida, were insured with out of state insurance prior to your suspension date, fax to 850-617-5216 the following items:

  • Letterhead verification from your insurance company the vehicle(s) were insured prior to the suspension date and
  • proof you have registered the vehicles in your new state and
  • Include the FR Sanction # on your fax

If you reside out of state and did not have insurance that was in effect prior to the suspension, (whether Fl or out of state coverage), or need to know the reinstatement fee, you can Email us for further assistance.

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