Suspension Notice - FR Sanction # Beginning With 8

Why did I receive a suspension notice regarding my recent vehicle registration or renewal?

The FL insurance coverage you provided at the time you registered your vehicle has been denied by the FL insurance company. If you feel this denial was an error and you did have FLORIDA insurance at the time of registration on that particular vehicle, get a letter on the FL insurance companies letterhead verifying the FL coverage.  If there was an error and you did not own the vehicle at the time of the registration, please take proof of non ownership to the office.

Out of state insurance does not meet Florida’s requirements— only military members/spouses/dependents who are stationed out of state and the vehicle is garaged in that state may use out of state insurance. If that's the case, you must provide us with a copy of the member's military orders, letterhead proof of the out of state insurance covering the registration date, and a statement the vehicle is located with you in the other state. Please fax those documents to us at 850-617-5216 and be sure to include the FR Sanction # on the fax.  Allow 7 to 10 business days for us to process the clearance.

If you had Florida insurance and for immediate clearance, take the letterhead verification to your local driver license office. Be sure to check the VIN number on the vehicle with the VIN number on the insurance policy and make sure they match.  It could be the insurance company denied the coverage because the VIN number is listed incorrectly on your policy.

If you prefer, have your insurance company fax the letter to our office at 850-617-5216. Please be sure they include the FR Sanction number on the letter.  If they fax the letter, allow 7 to 10 business days for us to process the clearance.

If you did not have insurance at the time you registered the vehicle in Florida, you will be required to pay a reinstatement fee and surrender the tag OR pay the fee and provide proof of current insurance at the driver license office.  If you go to a county tax collector's office that offers licensing services, there will be an additional $6.25 service fee.

If you are out of state and renewed your Florida registration using out of state insurance

  • provide proof of out of state coverage on insurance company letterhead indicating the insurance company name, policy number, effective date of the policy that was in effect on the date the vehicle was registered.
  • proof the insurance coverage has been transferred back to Florida on insurance company/agent letterhead indicating insurance company name, coverage, policy number, effective date of the policy or proof that the vehicle is registered out of state. Please fax this information to 850-617-5216. Please be sure to include the FR Sanction number on the fax cover sheet.


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