Temporary printed on Driver License

Why does my license have temporary printed on it?

All driver licenses and identification cards issued to individuals with non-immigrant status will have the word "TEMPORARY" displayed on the bottom right of the card, as required by Florida statutes 322.01.

Non-Immigrant customers are required to present proof of legal presence for every driver license or identification card issuance. Non-Immigrants must have at least 31 days remaining on their USCIS document to be issued and original renewal ID or driver license.

All driver licenses and identification cards issued to Non-Immigrants will be issued in accordance to the amount of time approved by the United States Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS); duration will not exceed four years.

I am trying to obtain a license in another state/country and they will not accept my Florida license because it has "TEMPORARY" written on it.  What can I do to receive a document to explain why “TEMPORARY” is written on my license?


You can order a verification letter, click here for instructions.


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