Temporary Tag

I purchased a vehicle and need a temporary tag.

If you are an out-of-state resident, purchased a vehicle in Florida and want to drive it back home, you are eligible to obtain a temporary license plate for "in-transit" purposes. Proof of insurance (from Florida or your home state), proof of out of state residency such as a driver license, and sales tax in the amount required by your home state must be paid.

**NOTE** Currently, the states of Arkansas, Mississippi, and West Virginia impose a sales tax on motor vehicles, but they DO NOT allow a credit for taxes paid to Florida. Residents of these states should be informed that they must pay sales tax to Florida at the rate imposed by their home state when they purchase a vehicle in Florida and must also pay tax to their home state when the vehicle is licensed in their home state.

If you are out-of-state and bringing a vehicle to Florida to title and register, you can be issued a 30 day temporary tag while the FL tax collector's office is waiting for the lienholder to either mail us the title or a letter indicating they will not release the out of state title to FL. To purchase the temporary tag, you must show ownership documentation such as your out of state registration and proof of Florida insurance.

If you feel you may be eligible for a temporary license plate, inquire through the local county tax collector's office.

Your local tax collector is your best source for questions about title and registration,  find their contact information here.

If you are a Florida resident who just purchased a vehicle in Florida, and are making application to transfer the title into your name, pay the applicable sales tax, and need to drive the vehicle to a port to have it shipped out of country, then you can be issued ONE ten (10) day temporary license plate. The tax collector does NOT need proof the vehicle is being shipped out of country.

If you are not a dealer, but you have acquired another vehicle and transferred your license plate from your old vehicle to the new vehicle, a temporary license plate may be purchased from the tax collector's office so you can demonstrate your old vehicle while it is for sale.

If you are a Florida resident and purchased a vehicle through a private sale, you cannot apply for a temporary tag.  You and the current owner need to go to the local tax collector's office and transfer the title to your name and purchase registration in your name.

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