Transfer of Title

How do I transfer my title to someone else?

In order to process a Transfer of Florida Certificate of Title, the customer must provide the following:

A. The “Transfer of Title by Seller” section on the Florida Certificate of Title must be completed in full with printed name(s) and signature(s) for each seller and each purchaser.

B. Form HSMV 82040, Application for Certificate of Title with/without Registration, accurately completed


An accurately completed “Application for Title by Purchaser” section on the certificate of title.

C. An original lien satisfaction is required for any lien against the owner of a motor vehicle, vessel, or mobile home unless there is a “Transfer of Equity” for the outstanding lien(s). If the record indicates an electronic lien, our records must show the lien has been satisfied.

D.  Payment of Florida sales tax or identifying the sales tax exemption information on an accurately completed form HSMV 82040, Application for Certificate of Title with/without Registration is required.

E. The Florida license plate number transferred to or purchased for the motor vehicle, or a non-use affidavit. The mobile home decal number purchased for or an RP decal transferred to or purchased for the mobile home. A non-use affidavit is not acceptable for mobile homes. The Florida registration number transferred to or issued for the vessel, or a non-use affidavit. If a non-use affidavit is completed for the vessel, the FL number must still be transferred.

F. Pay the applicable title fees. (See page 4 for calculation of fees and check list.)

The above forms must be submitted to your local Florida tax collector, who can assist you with additional processing questions.  You can find a list of Tax Collector offices on our website.


- If a title is held electronically and the transferee (buyer) agrees to maintain it electronically, the transferor (seller) and transferee (buyer) will complete a secure reassignment document disclosing the odometer reading and signed by both transferor (seller) and transferee (buyer) at the tax collector office or license plate agency.

- A penalty fee is required when the owner fails to transfer certificate of title within 30 days. The 30 days begins the day AFTER the “Transfer of Title by Seller” section on the certificate of title is completed and the motor vehicle, vessel, or mobile home is delivered to the retail purchaser. The date of the sale to the retail purchaser determines the penalty date.

- Notarization is not required on an in-state or out-of-state Manufactures Certificate of Origin or certificate of title even if there is a space provided for it.

- If a lien is to be recorded, the lien information (complete with name and address of the lienholder) must be shown in the space provided in the accurately completed “Application for Title by Purchaser” section.



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