Turn in - Surrender Florida license plate/tag

Do I need to turn in my license plate/tag?

If you are cancelling insurance coverage on your vehicle, then you must surrender the license plate/tag and registration to any Florida County Tax Collector's office.  If you no longer own the vehicle, such as you have sold the vehicle, unless you are transferring that tag to another vehicle you have purchased, then you must surrender the tag/plate and registration. Please mail OR take the license plate and registration to any Florida county tax collector's office or license plate agency.  The office can provide you with a receipt verifying the registration has been cancelled.

If you are in Florida and received a letter from our department regarding insurance cancellation and you want to surrender your license plate to avoid your driving privilege from being suspended, please take the license plate and registration to any driver license office or county office that offers driver licensing services. If you go to a county office that does not offer driver licensing services, you will need to take the receipt you get from the tax collector's office to the driver license office to avoid your license from being suspended.  If you are currently out of state, please mail the letter, Florida license plate and registration to the Division of Motorist Services, 2900 Apalachee Pkwy, Mail Stop 98, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0500 and request the registration be cancelled to avoid your driver license from being suspended. If you only have the plate, include a note indicating you no longer have the registration in your possession.

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