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Non Resident Military Member Applying for FL registration

How does a non-resident military member stationed in Florida apply for a Florida registration?

Members of the Armed Forces stationed in Florida, but who maintain their legal residence outside the state of Florida, are classified as non-resident military and are eligible for special registration rates. To qualify for the special rates, Florida law requires that the vehicle owner must submit a copy of their military orders or a current Leave & Earning statement and sign a Military Non-resident Affidavit before a notary. Proof of insurance is mandatory.

Military Members

Do you have specific information pertaining to military members?

Yes. We have a webpage designated for military members and their family. There you will find valuable information and links to download forms regarding driver license renewals/extensions, titles and registrations.

Insurance Requirements for Out of State Military

Are military members who are stationed out of state and non-military spouses/dependents who reside with them exempt from providing proof of Florida insurance to renew a vehicle registered in Florida?

Yes.  Active duty military members and their spouse/dependents, who are Florida residents stationed out of state and the owner or co-owner of a vehicle, are exempt from having Florida insurance if the vehicle is located out of state. When it's time to renew the registration you will be required to provide: