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Having trouble self-certifying/downloading medical card online

If you have visited our online service at and are having difficulty downloading your information, check to make sure you are entering the information correctly.  Unless you have been granted a federal waiver, then choose No when asked about the waiver.  Our system cannot download a PDF version of your medical card.  Take a digital photo of your medical card with a camera or your phone – then download.

CDL Disqualification for Failing to Self-Certify

If you have a pending disqualification for failing to self-certify, to retain your CDL you must self-certify online or at any FL driver license office/ county tax collector’s office that offers licensing services. If you no longer need the CDL, you must downgrade to a Class E license at any office. There is no charge to downgrade unless you need to make a name or address change, need to renew, or visit a County Tax Collector office – they do charge a $6.25 service fee.