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What is a SR22 and FR44 and how long do you have to carry them?

How long do I have to carry a SR22 or FR44?

An SR-22 is a form that certifies the insurance coverage includes bodily injury liability (BIL) and property damage liability (PDL). An SR-22 is required for three years as the result of a Point Suspension, Habitual Traffic Revocation, Judgement involving a crash, or if you were the owner or operator of a vehicle that was involved in a crash and someone incurred injuries and you were not insured with BIL coverage at the time.

Vehicle Stored in Florida

I am in the military assigned out-of-state and my vehicle will be stored in Florida until I return. Must I maintain my Florida insurance policy?

Yes. As long as the vehicle remains in Florida with a valid tag and registration you will be required to maintain Florida coverage. If you do not want to maintain the Florida insurance, you must surrender your tag and registration to the nearest Florida driver license office or tag agency until you return to Florida.

Registration Renewal

How do I renew my registration/license plate (decal)?

Registrations can be renewed by mail, in person, or online. It's your responsibility to make sure you renew on time.  It's not mandatory that you are mailed a registration renewal notice ahead of time. You can renew up to 3 months before your expiration date. You can choose to renew for one or two years.

Register vehicle in Florida

How do I register my vehicle in Florida?

In the state of Florida, a motor vehicle is required by law to be registered within ten days of the owner either becoming employed, placing children in public school, or establishing residency. Registering your motor vehicle goes hand in hand with the titling process.

Property Damage Liability Insurance

What is Property Damage Liability (PDL) insurance?

Property Damage Liability coverage pays for damages you or members of your family cause (and are liable for) to other people's property in a crash involving a motor vehicle. The term "property" may include a fence, telephone pole, or building, as well as another vehicle.

Insurance Company Code

I'm trying to update my current insurance information and need to know where to find the 5 digit company code number.

You can usually find the 4 or 5 digit insurance company code located next to the policy number on your insurance card.  If not, then you will need to either contact your insurance agent or company to get the code.

Insurance Requirements for Out of State Military

Are military members who are stationed out of state and non-military spouses/dependents who reside with them exempt from providing proof of Florida insurance to renew a vehicle registered in Florida?

Yes.  Active duty military members and their spouse/dependents, who are Florida residents stationed out of state and the owner or co-owner of a vehicle, are exempt from having Florida insurance if the vehicle is located out of state. When it's time to renew the registration you will be required to provide: