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Registration was mailed to an old address

I renewed/ replaced my registration online and changed my address. Why was the registration mailed to my old address?

All registrations are mailed to the address on file for the first owner shown on the registration. If your name is shown second on the registration, then it only updated your change of address and mailed it to the address of the first owner.

Your local tax collector is your best source for questions about title and registration,  find their contact information here.

Address Error

If I made a mistake when entering my address on, can you fix it?

I'm sorry, is an entirely automated system. We produce the license exactly as you enter it. We display the addresses twice before you can enter your credit card payment.

Address Change on License or ID card

How can I change the address on my driver license or identification card?

Florida law requires you to keep your driver license address current within 30 days after moving.

Listed below are the various methods to purchase a replacement license or identification card. Please choose the method below that is most convenient for you.