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Registration was mailed to an old address

I renewed/ replaced my registration online and changed my address. Why was the registration mailed to my old address?

All registrations are mailed to the address on file for the first owner shown on the registration. If your name is shown second on the registration, then it only updated your change of address and mailed it to the address of the first owner.

Your local tax collector is your best source for questions about title and registration,  find their contact information here.

Registration Renewal

How do I renew my registration/license plate (decal)?

Registrations can be renewed by mail, in person, or online. It's your responsibility to make sure you renew on time.  It's not mandatory that you are mailed a registration renewal notice ahead of time. You can renew up to 3 months before your expiration date. You can choose to renew for one or two years.

Lost driver license Need a Replacement/Duplicate

Do I need to report to the DMV that I lost my driver license? How do I get a replacement driver license?

No, you simply order a replacement driver license.  Here are the options:

If you are a US citizen or immigrant and have a non commercial driver license, the best option for replacing a lost license is ordering online. You will pay $25 with a credit or debit card to order your replacement.  This is the fastest method we have available.

Deceptive/Misleading Websites

I thought I was on your official GoRenew site, but realize now after being charged an unnecessary fee the website was not affiliated with DHSMV.  Is this legal?

Click here for a press release regarding deceptive websites that pretend to be the official DHSMV website.

Address Error

If I made a mistake when entering my address on GoRenew.com, can you fix it?

I'm sorry, GoRenew.com is an entirely automated system. We produce the license exactly as you enter it. We display the addresses twice before you can enter your credit card payment.

ID card renewal online

Can I renew my Florida identification card online?

You can renew your Florida Identification card (ID) online if the following apply:

- Your current ID card is digital image (issued in an office 7-1-95 or later).
- You are not licensed to drive, you only have an ID card. 
- Your last renewal was in person at an office, not online.

Cancel My Online Order for a Driver License or Registration

I went online to GoRenew.com and placed an order for a driver license or registration.   Can I cancel that order? 

I'm sorry, we cannot cancel the order.

Once the order is placed, everything occurs automatically to produce the license or registration. The online system tells you that once you place the order it cannot be cancelled.

When you receive the new issuance in the mail, please keep it and destroy all others.  Only the most recently printed license or registration is valid.