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Supported Web Browsers

Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website requires TLS encryption enabled in your browser and may not be compatible with older web browsers like Internet Explorer 6.0 or older.



Deceptive/Misleading Websites

I thought I was on your official GoRenew site, but realize now after being charged an unnecessary fee the website was not affiliated with DHSMV.  Is this legal?

Click here for a press release regarding deceptive websites that pretend to be the official DHSMV website.

Cancel My Online Order for a Driver License or Registration

I went online to GoRenew.com and placed an order for a driver license or registration.   Can I cancel that order? 

I'm sorry, we cannot cancel the order.

Once the order is placed, everything occurs automatically to produce the license or registration. The online system tells you that once you place the order it cannot be cancelled.

When you receive the new issuance in the mail, please keep it and destroy all others.  Only the most recently printed license or registration is valid.