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I received a notice in the mail with an old ticket and/or suspension. Why am I just now getting this?

If you received a notice from the Department regarding a ticket from Palm Beach, Lake, or Duval County that may have been issued several years ago, the Department is aware that there was a delay between the time of the offense and the receipt of your notice.

Tickets Transfer to FL driver record

I am moving to Florida and I want to know if my tickets will follow me?

Yes, tickets appearing on your out of state driving record will transfer to your Florida driving record. Those tickets will appear on the Florida driving record and points will be assessed as if you had received the ticket in Florida. In Florida, tickets can be assessed 3, 4 or 6 points depending on the type of violation reported by the court.

Suspended (D-6) for Unpaid Traffic Citation/Ticket

My FL license is suspended (D-6) because of an unpaid ticket.  How do I pay the ticket and clear the suspension?

When a ticket is not paid on time or all the court's requirements have not been satisfied, then the county court notifies our department to suspend the driving privilege until the ticket has been satisfied and you present a D-6 court clearance form or other court clearance form to our department. The D-6 suspension is a result of one of the following:

Retention of entries on the driver record

How long do tickets stay on a driver record?

Most Citations -  3 to 5 years depending on the violation.

There are a few violations that will remain on the record 10 yrs.

Alcohol or drug  related  - 55 to 75 years depending on the violation.

Citations when school was elected - indefinite
(This is necessary to keep count of school elections)

Suspensions and Revocations - 3 to 75 years depending on the violation.

Serious commercial driver license violations - 55 years

Point Suspension

How do I reinstate a point suspension?

Point suspensions are generated when you accumulate excessive points for traffic violations. The offense date is used to determine the length of the suspension.

How can I avoid points?

I just got a ticket, can I go to school to avoid points?

Enter your Florida driver license number on our Driver License Check to see if you are eligible to take a driving school. You can only elect to go to school once within any 12 month period and no more than five times in your life time.