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Temporary printed on Driver License

Why does my license have temporary printed on it?

All driver licenses and identification cards issued to individuals with non-immigrant status will have the word "TEMPORARY" displayed on the bottom right of the card, as required by Florida statutes 322.01.

Non-Immigrant customers are required to present proof of legal presence for every driver license or identification card issuance. Non-Immigrants must have at least 31 days remaining on their USCIS document to be issued and original renewal ID or driver license.

Temporary Tag

I purchased a vehicle and need a temporary tag.

If you are an out-of-state resident, purchased a vehicle in Florida and want to drive it back home, you are eligible to obtain a temporary license plate for "in-transit" purposes. Proof of insurance (from Florida or your home state), proof of out of state residency such as a driver license, and sales tax in the amount required by your home state must be paid.