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How Can I Remove the Vision Restriction from My License?

I just had surgery to improve my eyesight and I no longer need glasses, how can I remove the restriction from my driver license?


Go to your local driver license office or tax collector’s office that offers driver license services and take the vision test. If you can pass the test without wearing glasses or contact lens you can receive a new license without the restriction. There will be a $25.00 driver license replacement fee, if you go to a tax collector’s office there is an additional service fee of $6.25.

Age requirements for online written exams

Can anyone who needs to, regardless of age, take the written exams online?

Applicants  15 to 17 years of age are allowed to take the Class E written exams through the Third Party Administrator’s online application or in a proctored classroom setting.

Applicants 18 years or older are allowed to take the Class E written exams in a classroom setting at the Third Party Administrator’s physical location.

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