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Received renewal notice but I'm licensed now in another state

I just received a renewal notice for my Florida driver license, but  I surrendered my Florida license to my current state of residence. What do I need to do to cancel my Florida license?

We did not receive notification from your current state that they issued you a license. So, please return the renewal notice with a brief letter asking us to cancel your Florida license. If you do not have the renewal notice, just send a brief letter with your full name and date of birth asking that we cancel your Florida license.

Military Members

Do you have specific information pertaining to military members?

Yes. We have a webpage designated for military members and their family. There you will find valuable information and links to download forms regarding driver license renewals/extensions, titles and registrations.

Who needs to get a Florida driver license

I'll only be living in Florida for a few years, am I required to get a Florida driver license or ID card?


1. If you move to Florida and have a valid license from another state, you must get a Florida license within 30 days of becoming a resident. You are considered a resident of Florida if you:

  • Enroll your children in public school, or

  • Register to vote, or

  • File for a homestead exemption, or

  • Accept employment, or

Letter of Clearance

How do I get a letter of clearance from Florida?

Letter of clearances are provided to other states to verify you are eligible to obtain a license. Some states will not accept a letter of clearance, they require a driver record.

If you need a clearance letter, please call us at 850-617-2000. We must speak to the person who needs the clearance letter - no one can call for you. Please do not submit clearance letter requests by email-we must speak with you.

Insurance Requirements for Out of State Military

Are military members who are stationed out of state and non-military spouses/dependents who reside with them exempt from providing proof of Florida insurance to renew a vehicle registered in Florida?

Yes.  Active duty military members and their spouse/dependents, who are Florida residents stationed out of state and the owner or co-owner of a vehicle, are exempt from having Florida insurance if the vehicle is located out of state. When it's time to renew the registration you will be required to provide: