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Offensive License Plate

Where do I report an offensive license plate?

If a license plate is found to be obscene or objectionable, a written complaint can be sent to the following address and a review will be initiated.

Division of Motorist Services
License Plate/Registration Review, MS-68
2900 Apalachee Parkway
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0500


Wheelchair Symbol License Plate

How can I obtain a Wheelchair Symbol License Plate?

To obtain a Wheelchair Symbol License Plate:

Submit the following to the county tax collector's office or license plate agency:

A. Form HSMV 83007, Application for International Wheelchair License Plate, accurately completed


Form HSMV 83039, Application for Disabled Parking Permit, accurately completed.

Antique License Plates

I have a vehicle that was manufactured in 1950, how can I get an antique license plate?


If your automobile, truck, or motorcycle was manufactured after 1945 and of the age 30 years or more after the date of manufacture you can apply for an Antique license plate at your local tax collector’s office.

Temporary Tag

I purchased a vehicle and need a temporary tag.

If you are an out-of-state resident, purchased a vehicle in Florida and want to drive it back home, you are eligible to obtain a temporary license plate for "in-transit" purposes. Proof of insurance (from Florida or your home state), proof of out of state residency such as a driver license, and sales tax in the amount required by your home state must be paid.

Registration Renewal

How do I renew my registration/license plate (decal)?

Registrations can be renewed by mail, in person, or online. It's your responsibility to make sure you renew on time.  It's not mandatory that you are mailed a registration renewal notice ahead of time. You can renew up to 3 months before your expiration date. You can choose to renew for one or two years.

Military Members

Do you have specific information pertaining to military members?

Yes. We have a webpage designated for military members and their family. There you will find valuable information and links to download forms regarding driver license renewals/extensions, titles and registrations.