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Cancel or Surrender Florida license

How do I cancel my Florida driver license?

If you still have the physical license, cut it in half and enclose it with a letter to our department indicating you want to surrender your Florida driver license and include your current address. If you don't have the license in your possession, the letter should include your driver license number or social security number, date of birth, full name and indicate you no longer have possession of the license, but want us to cancel it.   Sign the letter and mail to:

Cancel My Online Order for a Driver License or Registration

I went online to and placed an order for a driver license or registration.   Can I cancel that order? 

I'm sorry, we cannot cancel the order.

Once the order is placed, everything occurs automatically to produce the license or registration. The online system tells you that once you place the order it cannot be cancelled.

When you receive the new issuance in the mail, please keep it and destroy all others.  Only the most recently printed license or registration is valid.